Derek Harrington returns in The Infiltrator,
an adventure of man vs wild-and the
domestic terrorists hidden there.

“Hendricks crafts a pedal-to-the metal, high octane thriller that will leave you gasping for breath until the very last page..."

—Andrews & Wilson, #1 Amazon bestselling authors of the Tier One series

On Sale April 23, 2024

About the Book

One year after the clash with his former students in upstate New York, retired Marine Warrant Officer and SERE instructor Derek Harrington is the tip of the FBI's spear in their mission to eradicate the domestic terrorist group known as Autumn's Tithe.

About T.R. Hendricks

T.R. Hendricks is a former United States Army Captain who served as a tank platoon leader, and then as a military intelligence officer, where he was an advisor to the Iraqi Ministry of Interior’s National Information and Intelligence Agency. When not working or writing in his home in Upstate New York, Hendricks is most likely reading, woodworking, or watching his beloved San Francisco 49ers.

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