The Infiltrator

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Published by: Forge Books
Release Date: April 23, 2024
Pages: 304
ISBN13: 978-1250832269


T. R. Hendricks's Derek Harrington returns in The Infiltrator, an adventure of man vs wild—and the domestic terrorists hidden there.

One year after the clash with his former students in upstate New York, retired Marine Warrant Officer and SERE instructor Derek Harrington is the tip of the FBI’s spear in their mission to eradicate the domestic terrorist group known as Autumn’s Tithe. After several successful operations, intelligence points to one final camp in the remote Kentucky wilderness, and Derek prepares to take down Autumn’s Tithe for good.

At the same time ex-FBI Special Agent Hannah Kittle, or Sarah as she is known to the group, devises a plan to meet Derek and her one-time Bureau colleagues head on. Yet her benefactor's faith in Sarah's ability to lead Autumn's Tithe is waning, and other plans are being enacted. Knowing full well what it means for her should those plans succeed where she has failed, Sarah will stop at nothing to see that she is the victor.

As the competing agendas unravel, events place Derek and Sarah on a collision course, setting the stage for a confrontation that will bring Autumn’s Tithe right to Derek’s doorstep.

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"The Instructor was like the roaring of thunder, announcing a major talent in T.R. Hendricks. The Infiltrator is a lightning strike of a novel: electric, brutal, and brilliant. This sequel shocks in all the right ways."
―Bill Schweigart, #1 Audible bestselling author of The Guilty One

“Hendricks crafts a pedal-to-the metal, high octane thriller that will leave you gasping for breath until the very last page. Brimming with authenticity and action, fans of Greaney, Carr, and Thor will love and root for Derek Harrington, a former Marine and survival expert, as he battles to take down domestic terrorists and keep his family safe in this red hot sequel to The Instructor.”
—Andrews & Wilson, #1 Amazon bestselling authors of the Tier One series

The Infiltrator by T.R. Hendricks is my kind of book! A pipe hitting, hard charging, mile a minute thrill ride that will leave you wondering how in the hell T.R. Hendricks got so good so fast.”
—Joshua Hood, USA Today Bestselling author of The Guardian and Robert Ludlum’s Treadstone series

“Topical, relentlessly paced, and supercharged, T.R. Hendricks' writing barely gives you time to catch your breath. Fans of Hendricks will delight in his second thrill ride.”
—I.S. Berry, author of The Peacock and the Sparrow

“With page after page of compelling narrative and explosive action, The Infiltrator is a flawless example of why Hendricks is one of the hottest new authors in the field. Don’t sleep on this one – it will have you hooked from the first chapter!”
—Jack Stewart, author of Unknown Rider

“With his family in a safe house under constant guard and a ruthless enemy drawing closer, former Marine officer and survival training instructor Derek Harrington is primed for a fight. T.R. Hendricks’s The Infiltrator deftly balances breathless action with impassioned family drama while taking readers inside both the FBI and the domestic terrorist organization determined to bring it down. A fierce, full-on thriller that will stay with me for a long time.”
—Tessa Wegert, author of The Kind to Kill and the Shana Merchant series

“I loved this book! The Infiltrator is chock-full of high-fidelity action sequences from beginning to end. The authentic non-stop combat and tactical scenes will keep your pulse pounding. But at its most basic, The Infiltrator succeeds as a poignant story of a man fighting for his family.”
—Steve Urszenyi, author of Perfect Shot

“Another explosive thriller by T. R. Hendricks, The Infiltrator will have you white-knuckling the page and questioning everything you know about domestic terrorist organizations. Derek Harrington is the kind of hero you want to root for. A resolute and expert fighter, who wants nothing more than to protect his family, he is defined by not only his determination and his unique skill set, but also his humanity.
—Lauren Nossett, author of The Professor and International Thriller Writer's 2023 Best First Novel The Resemblance

“The star in The Infiltrator is the action. Intense, insane, and incendiary. Cinematic in description. Packing an emotional punch. Glorious, unputdownable stuff.”
—Steve Netter, Best Thriller Books

“Fast-moving, hard-hitting, and raw—a worthy follow-up to his acclaimed debut that will have military thriller fans ripping through the pages until the very end.”
—Taylor Moore, author of Ricochet

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